Provides API for reading and writing xBase files (dbf format).


Interface Summary
DbfConstants Contains literals and special constants.

Class Summary
DbfAppender Constructs dbf header from set of columns and gives DbfStatement object for record writing.
DbfColumn The class DbfColumn is responsible for xBase field definition.
DbfColumnPosition Contains position data for xBase field.
DBFCommandLineStarter A class for command line dbf reading.
DbfEngine The main class that supplies iterators and appenders - start here.
DbfHeader Contains dbf header definition.
DbfIterator An iterator over xBase file.
DbfRecord The class DbfRecord represents xBase record.
DbfStatement The class DbfStatement is used for record preparation and insertion.
DbfType The class DbfType describes supported dbf formats.

Enum Summary
DbfCodePages Enumeration of the supported code pages
DbfColumnTypes Enumeration of the supported field types

Exception Summary
DbfEngineException Common exception class.

Package Description

Provides API for reading and writing xBase files (dbf format).