Constant Field Values

public static final int DBF_COLUMN_CHAR_MAX_LEN 254
public static final int DBF_COLUMN_LENGTH 32
public static final int DBF_COLUMN_NAME_LENGTH 10
public static final int DBF_COLUMN_NUM_MAX_LEN 20
public static final int DBF_END_HEADER 13
public static final int DBF_END_OF_FILE 26
public static final java.lang.String DBF_ENGINE_VERSION "1.09"
public static final int DBF_HEADER_LENGTH 32
public static final int DBF_REC_FILLSYMB 32
public static final java.lang.String DEFAULT_CODE_PAGE "Cp866"
public static final byte DELETED_MARKER 42
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_CODE_PAGE "Code page is unknown"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_COLUMN_ADD "There were no column added"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_COLUMN_CHARLEN "Column must be between 1 and 254 symbols"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_COLUMN_COL_TYPE "There type mismatch for field: "
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_COLUMN_CP "Error with supported code page"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_COLUMN_DT "Error with date format"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_COLUMN_EMPTY "Column has to be named"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_COLUMN_EXISTED "Column already existed: "
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_COLUMN_NAMELEN "Column length exceed 10 symbols"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_COLUMN_NODEC "Column must not have dec value"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_COLUMN_NOEXISTS "Field is not existed: "
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_COLUMN_NOTYPE "Column must have type"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_COLUMN_NUM "Error with numeric format"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_COLUMN_NUMDECLEN "Column must have normal dec value"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_COLUMN_NUMLEN "Column must be between 1 and 20 digit"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_COLUMN_VAL_TOO_BIG "Value too big for column: "
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_CP_ARITHERR "There is ArithmeticException"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_CP_MISSED "There must be setup code page info"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_CURR_REC_INFO " on record: "
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_DBF_ERR_CREATE "Error with file creating"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_DBF_EXISTS "File is existed already"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_HEADER_END "Unexpected end of file by header"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_HEADER_INF "No information about dbf file header"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_HEADER_LEN "DBF length record is not defined"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_IO_ERROR "IO error with dbf"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_REC_UNEXP "Unexpected end of file by content. Was read records: "
public static final byte LOGICAL_FALSE 70
public static final byte LOGICAL_TRUE 84
public static final int FoxBASE_dBASE_III_PLUS_without_memo 3
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_ARRAY_COL_BAD "Col index must be positive"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_ARRAY_OVER_COL "Col index exceeded the maximum allowable value: "
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_ARRAY_OVER_ROW "Row index exceeded the maximum allowable value: "
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_ARRAY_ROW_BAD "Row index must be positive"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_EOF "Unexpected end of data"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_FILE_PROBLEM "Some file error"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_INDEX_OUT_OF_BOUND "Index array request is more than array size: "
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_IO_ERROR "IO error with mem"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_LN_POS "Length must be positive"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_MISS_MEM_NAME "Memory name is missed"
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_NF_VALUE_MEM_NAME "Not found value for that memory name: "
public static final java.lang.String EXCP_STRING_CREATE "Some error with string creation"
public static final int LENGTH_ARRAY_DIM 4
public static final int LENGTH_DATE 8
public static final int LENGTH_LOGICAL 1
public static final int LENGTH_NUMERIC 8
public static final byte MEM_FILE_EOF_BYTE 26